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21 Things You Can Do To Take Your WordPress Blog To The Next Level (part I)

How do you keep your blog continually successful? By constantly learning, adapting, changing, innovating and looking ahead, that’s how. It’s all about taking your blog, your business and your unique value add to the next level – the level to which your senior competitors have already risen.

1. Step Up Your Research

Use Facebook Polls, Google Surveys, social media outreach, BuzzFeed dashboards to know what times of the day your readers are reading and sharing your content.

2. Expand Your Reader Network

Engage your reader community through surveys, contests and competitions. Readers will enthusiastically share your URLs with their extended networks, expanding your reader networks.

3. Expand Your Reader Connectivity

Start a discussion forum on your blog site to help readers discuss points that are important to them. Use your discussion forum to answer questions and to allow other readers to demonstrate their expertise as well.

4. Take A Reader Survey

Create a reader feedback form and send it to out to your regular readers, email subscribers and social media followers and fans. Know what your readers are thinking, reading and what they’d like from you.

5. Master A New Way To Blog

If you’ve only published text blogs till now, how about trying your hand at audio podcasts, video, photo essays and so on?

6. Learn A New Skill

How about taking a photography course online? Learn how to use your digital camera’s complex functions and get some quality pics to upload with your next post.

7. Clean Up Your Blog

Learn from how other bloggers are constantly updating their blogs to make them quicker, leaner and meaner. Upgrade your plugins and make your subscription form simpler and your RSS subscription easier to find. Revamp your main pages and keyword-optimize all pages to get more visitor traffic in there.

8. Create Fresh Visual Appeal

Redesign your sidebar, change the colors, make template changes, redesign your sign-up form, rotate your widgets, and add some cheap banner ads and jazzy social media icons.

9. Update Your SEO

Put aside an hour or so each day for SEO optimization. These efforts will increase your site’s efficiency, keeping it in prime action mode. Painful to do it every day but well worth the time invested in it.

10. Create A Strong Brand Focus

Define what you represent, why you’re blogging and why you’re unique. State your focus statement prominently where users can see it – on your About Us page, on your blog tag-line, comment form and so on.

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