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21 Things You Can Do To Take Your WordPress Blog To The Next Level (part II)

11. Look Back And Reconnect

Compile a list of the 10 most commented and most tweeted posts of your blog. Read through those comments again. Have you allowed any expectations to slip through the cracks? Where are those initial readers now? Reconnect.

12. Frequently Update Your About Me Page

List your achievements, your point of difference and your blog’s brand as well. Get personal with your readers.

13. Enhance Your Site’s Usability

Get your site tested by usability experts, or a bunch of friends. Remember that every additional click is a reason to leave your site. Cut down on anything that slows down load time.

14. Highlight Your Best Posts

Make a place for your most popular posts and place a link to this page in every new post. New readers will appreciate this effort, and will be interested in becoming loyal readers.

15. Provide Multiple Contact Options

Make sure that readers are able to connect with you through Twitter, Facebook, email, contact form and any other method easily and quickly.

16. Look At New Ways Of Making Money

Think in terms of Direct Ad Sales, or about starting your own Ad Sales Network. Explore affiliate marketing, selling your own products and so on. Keep researching and investigating money making options.

17. Form Partnerships And Relationships

Know what other bloggers in your niche doing, and look for opportunities to promote other bloggers. The favor will be returned. Try to build strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships with other bloggers.

18. Explore Areas Outside Your Niche

To avoid hitting traffic plateaus, consider expanding into related niches. You can tap into their audiences, while keeping your blog niche-relevant.

19. Optimize High Traffic Pages

Look at your blog’s pages as your products; which ones of them get more hits? Optimize those especially, by increasing keyword density, adding image tags and so on. Add extra links to the page to increase traffic. Link high-traffic pages to other posts as well.

20. Write Content On Related Search Keywords

Use tools such as 103bees and Lijit to know what questions people ask search engines to find your blog. Your blog may not always figure in the search results for all the terms. Those are the terms that you need to target for additional content so that no matter what related terms users try, they’ll find your blog.

21. Maximize All Your Communication Channels

With tools like Ping.fm you can easily syndicate your content to other platforms like blogger, Facebook, Twitter, and others. This means you can create leverage for yourself by making content once but having it present in many places with links back to your blog.

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