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7 Secret Strategies to Generate More Leads Online

Lead generation is an important aspect of any business.  Without it, a company will not grow.  There are old-fashioned ways of generating leads, including direct mailing, cold calls and purchasing lists.  With the advance of the internet, lead generation has changed.  Those former ways are still viable, but online lead generation is faster and cheaper than older methods.  Here are seven secrets you can employ to generate more leads online.

Social Networking

Social networking is an easy way to increase brand recognition.  On social networking sites, companies can build a following, while following other businesses in the industry.  Popular networks include Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.   The best way to build a following on social networks is by updating your audience regularly, telling them about the latest happenings at your company.

Video Marketing

Videos take the most time to produce, but they can have the greatest payoffs.  Through videos, people will learn to trust your company.  After watching a video you produce, the viewer should be referred to your website.  Humorous videos can be useful, but how-to ones are best.  Create a short video about how to do something related to your business, and end it with a message similar to, “This was brought to you by [company name].”

Guest Posting

Blogs are always in need of new content, and many rely on guest posts for it. Blogs will often post articles written by people who work in fields relevant to the blog.  Through these posts, you will earn recognition as an expert in the given field.  The posts can usually refer to your company in their content or in a short author bio at the end of the post.


If you are going to write posts for other people’s blogs, then why not have your own?  Blogs can be started for almost nothing, and they can be written about anything you would like.  For the best results, focus your blog on a single topic and update it regularly, at least twice a week.  This also provides a venue for your customers to interact with you, through the comments section of your blog.


Participating in forums works similarly to guest posting for blogs.  Posts in forums are much shorter than blog entries, but you must remain active in the community.  Overtime, others in the forum will come to respect your opinion, knowledge, and, ultimately, company.  To begin, find a few forums relevant to your business and start posting.


PPCSE stands for “pay per click search engines.”  These are ads placed around search engines, and they are targeted to keywords.  When creating a campaign, you determine the overall budget, what you are willing to pay, the targeted keywords and other specifications.   You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, so you only pay when a lead is generated.  The most popular of these is Google’s Adwords.

Email Newsletters

Sure you get a lot of emails each day, many of which go unread.  Everyone does.  On the surface, marketing through email may seem to promise negligible returns.  However, it costs almost nothing to email a list of customers or potential referrals.  At least a few people will read the email, and it will generate some leads.

These seven strategies for online lead generation can help grow your business.  The best part about them is the flexibility.  Many of these techniques can be done for little or no costs, so startup companies can build leads through them without much capital.  On the other hand, large companies can pay others and automate the process, so time is not wasted.  Every business, no matter how large or small, can grow through these online lead generation strategies.

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