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Here’s How Marketers Get Results From QR Codes

There are a probably a number of you out there who have heard a great deal about QR codes, and yet remain in the dark with regards to exactly what they are. Also referred to as Quick Response Codes, the are effectively two dimensional barcodes that can be read using Smartphone devices and more specific QR reading equipment. Its purpose is to link directly to websites, phone numbers and other points of contact, and the concept has already played a significant role in evolving the m-commerce market. So what else do you need to know about QR codes?

The Most Commonly Asked Questions About QR Codes

In order to understand QR codes and the value that they add to modern businesses, it is important to consider everything from their accessibility to their relevance in the current consumer market. Like many technological innovations of the last decade, they are easy to use and empower small and independent businesses to benefit from their purpose. In addition to this, they also fit perfectly with the evolving trends of m-commerce, which continue to dictate the way in which retail outlets sell their goods.

How Do You Read a QR Code?

There are numerous ways to read QR codes, and your very own Smartphone could provide the most accessible method. This device can connect to stores instantly, and as a user you can utilize a camera or to connect directly with brands and service provider. Similarly, you can simply download a QR reader app on your mobile, and there are many free apps for that.

How to Generate a QR Code?

You do not require any technological expertise to generate a QR code, and there are a swathe of contemporary websites that provide you with both guidance and the opportunity to do so easily. Not only this, but once you have created the initial code, you can add a unique combination of colour, graphics and design techniques that boost your codes visual appeal without compromising its function of being scan-able.

How Do QR Codes Affect Marketing?

M-commerce is the most significant trend in retail in the current marketplace, with more than 50% of local web searches being conducted through mobile media devices. This has forced brands to develop a detailed and integrated mobile marketing strategy, and QR codes are emerging as a key part of this drive. In connecting the travelling consumer with retail outlets and service providers regardless of their location, QR codes are allowing businesses to reap the rewards of real time interaction and purchases.

The Bottom Line

QR codes have evolved at the perfect time to suit prevailing retail trends, and although they are most commonly utilized in eastern nations such as Japan, their influence on the western world is becoming increasingly prominent. As a modern retailer or even a consumer, you can ill afford to ignore the benefits of QR codes, and more specifically the role that they play in connecting brands and customers through mobile media.

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