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Promotional Items: Still a Great Way to Market Your Business

In a digital age where a vast percentage of a business’ marketing efforts are conducted online, it’s easy to forget just how effective something as small as a pen or mug can be for bringing wide brand recognition. Regardless of technological innovations, the potential marketing scope of promotional products still remains huge given their power to instill the company’s brand into the mind of their target audience – a valuable tool for any business’ arsenal.

One avenue to go down when considering this form of marketing is to choose an item that bears relevance to your company’s industry. For example, a beauty salon would give away printed soap or a bathrobe bearing the company logo, ensuring that the customer would be reminded of the pleasurable experience they had at the spa whenever they wash their hands or wear the robe.

On the  flip side, more ‘masculine’ businesses would opt for something with a flair for sports – items such as shirts, jackets and hats can all be warm keepsakes when outside in a cold sports field. Items of sports clothing serve as a great way to expose a brand to both fellow players and spectators in attendance.

Items related to healthcare are often in demand due to health care being a concern for many people. Businesses attending a trade show or exhibition could benefit by providing imprinted hand sanitizer. Every time an attendee sanitizes his or her hands, they will see the name and logo of the company which will then be associated with a small but significant expression of good health.

Promotional t-shirts, whilst slightly clichéd, can still attract the attention of your target audience – providing a great deal of opportunities to reinforce your brand and intentions. Besides, a shirt that’s imprinted with a statement that customers can stand by will get a lot of wear.

As mentioned earlier, more and more marketing areas are becoming digitized. One example of this is the QR (Quick Response) code, a sort of barcode that can be ‘scanned’ by smartphones to access product information as well as additional content.  Printing these codes on shirts, mugs and calendars allows your customer base further interaction with your business, as well access to discounts, reviews, or more information about upcoming products/services.

Remember that businesses with green credentials are not only positively contributing towards protecting our environment, but will also enhance your reputation among your industry and customer base. One way of doing this is by using promotional items that are eco-friendly in the way that they are manufactured – items such as solar powered fans, reusable bottles, or tote bags made from recycled fabric will go down a storm.

It’s fair to say that promotional products are past the point of serving as cheap giveaways. Printed with the company logo, they can be an excellent marketing tool when combined with a good strategy. Choose products that are relevant to your business’ products and services and you’ll boost your brand’s identity in no time.

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