Transitions in Essays

Isolate all the different topics you’re gonna discuss and get ready to build on them next get your ideas get your vocab vocab synonyms related to topic words that are related to topic words that are specific to the issue or debate transitions have your translate ready because you a lot of people forget to use transitions and this is going to cost you points so education generally and I’m taking first I want to take the words in the task parents should discourage their kids and I’m gonna look for some synonyms because I want to rephrase this in my introduction urge encouraged studies rather prefer concentrate fields etc I’m looking for things to take from the task itself to rephrase in my introduction to introduce the topic education generally curriculum stem graphic design embrace adapt one-dimensional objects all the ideas that you can think of the come with education.

If you’re studying only signs then you’re very one-dimensional if you’re studying arts and science your multi-dimensional etc some I have some transitions whereas in contrast because I’m going to look at two things I’m gonna agree or disagree so I want to look at two sides of things I’m gonna use whereas I’m going to use in contrast I’m gonna use more over to add points etc just have them ready you probably you should know them already by now put them down on paper so you remember to use them and then I’m thinking about art so I’m gonna look at painting music photography different types of arts what is good about it imagination creativity stem technology engineering coding computers what does stem mean again you can put a lot more words I’m just giving you an example here of what you can put down okay step 4 think of your support how are you going to support one or the other.

So create all rights gives us child creativity it gives them critical thinking skills and gives them soft skills how do you interact with people how to communicate how to think outside the box those who study only stem are one-dimensional they’re limited they have limited employable skills they can only do one thing what’s good as they get technical skills so at the end my idea is that both of them are necessary so this is going to be my thesis the conclusion of the plan is that both are necessary and that’s going to be my opinion and then I’m gonna outline my actual essay and again you don’t need to be this detailed in your plan the more you practice making plans the quicker you can do all of this and you’ll you’ll find your own way to plan this is how I create a plan this works for me I do the circle I do the vocab I do the two different parts and I think about what I’m gonna say in each paragraph everybody has their own way of planning find the way that it works for you the way that you can do it effectively but within five minutes maximum.

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