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What you probably didn’t know about Kindle Publishing

Ebooks, as most of us well know, have been around for years. They exist in a variety of formats all with the aim of delivering information, be it a manual on car servicing or a full length novel. The best service to edit your ebook is an essay writing service.

They are quick to download, cheap to buy and easy to publish so what’s all this fuss about Kindle publishing and how does it affect authors like me who have dozens of ebooks selling on a fairly regular basis in PDF format?  (PDF by the way is one of the best ways to create ebooks and STILL is, but more about that later!).

The simple answer is Amazon’s ebook sales account for around 90% of all ebooks sold  which means you can’t afford to neglect this outlet.  To put it another way, Amazon is the first port of call for most people buying ebooks whether they have a Kindle reader or not.

That’s right, you don’t need to buy the hand held device to read Amazon ebooks.  They provide free of charge, the same software to install on your own machine so you can read all Amazon ebooks from your desktop.

There’s nothing new there, we’ve been doing that for years and for many people reading at length from a PC screen it is still a miserable experience to say the least.  It is the advent of the hand held device which has seen the accelerated growth in ebooks and Amazon’s Kindle is leading the way.

If you are still puzzled, here’s a short list of Kindle attributes to help make its growing attraction for readers a little clearer:

1)      The device is light and is held like a book

2)      It reads like a book without the harsh back lighting common to computer screens.

3)      It connects wirelessly to the Amazon store where thousands of books, newspapers and magazines can be purchased for small sums or even downloaded free.

4)      It automatically loads to where you last read

5)      It allows book marking and note taking

6)      You can change the font size and other display options

7)      Ebooks in other formats including PDF can be imported

8)      Ebooks from sites other than Amazon can be imported

9)      Try before you buy samples can be downloaded

10)   Its extreme portability means you can take thousands of books with you when weight is an issue such as holidays or in my case when I am backpacking on long distance footpaths!

Now a list of advantages for Writers and Authors

1)      Amazon has a huge Kindle store and makes it easy for authors to upload their ebooks to it.

2)      Royalties are 70% of the purchase price unlike the 8% – 12% common to print.

3)      Manuscripts can be uploaded to the Kindle store as PDF, plain .txt, Microsoft Word and HTML

4)      Publication is very quick and sales may occur within hours

5)      Amazon far outstrips any other ebook retailer for sales including Barns & Noble.

6)      You can become an Amazon Associate and get additional payment on your ebook sales

7)      Lots of help and advice from a very active Forum

8)      Visitors to Amazon are looking to buy!

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